Anas Alfadda

Anas is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine at Alfaisal University. He was an international finalist at Intel’s Science and Engineering Fair and finished fourth at the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity in 2013. He is passionate about research in the medical field. At the Saudi Research Science Institute, he underwent research training in bio-optical imaging and conducted research on the functional annotation of plasmid DNA sequences. He has been published in The FASEB Journal (published by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology). In 2015, he served on his university’s undergraduate research committee, securing more than 80 research internships for medical students in renowned international institutions. Anas is particularly proud of founding the Vision 2030 Club initiative, which aims to develop and empower the generation of dreamers, innovators, and entrepreneurs that will help realize the Kingdom’s ambitious 2030 agenda. In two years, the initiative expanded to five other universities, and membership rose to 1,000. When life slows down, Anas likes to go for a swim or brush up on his German language skills.