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Baraa Amir

Baraa Abdulrazack Amir is currently a third year medical student in Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. He likes to spend his free time working on new innovative products and medical research. Baraa has participated in a wide range of competitions and has received a plethora of awards in research, innovation, and robotics. Some of the most noteworthy include the 1stand 4thplace awards in the IBDA’A invention and research competition held in KSA, the gold medal in ITEX 2015 invention exhibition hosted in Malaysia, the 1stplace prize in Research from John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Center, special award from the Romanian institute for higher education, and the prestigious Geneva exhibition award in the innovation category. Baraa is currently working on getting his medical degree (MD) and has plans on enrolling in a North American residency program afterwards. He also aspires to commercialize some of his products/innovations.