Faisal Aldossary

Faisal Aldossary is a chemical engineering sophomore studying at UC Berkeley. He is also pursuing a minor in economics and data science. Up to this point, Faisal has indulged in diverse competitions such as the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics competition, and the Toastmasters competition. He is also a member of the Misk Fellowship, lending a hand in achieving the ambitious vision 2030. Given his passion for charity and philanthropic nature, Faisal aspires to further his education to enable him to improve people’s standard of living using science and technology.

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Innovation Resilience Ambition Diligence Aspiration Hope, IRADAH, is a nonprofit organization created by Saudi students who are talented in research and technology innovations. The organization is created to help pre-college high school students to unlock their full potential in research assimilation. This organization consists of consultants who act like mentors to guide students in their specialized fields based on their educational background.

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