Lulwah Alshiha

Lulwah is a fourth year medical student at King Saud University. She is interested in both General Surgery, Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics. Lulwah aims to specialize in one of those fields as her career progresses. During her free time, Lulwah indulges herself in scientific and research symposium to enrich her intellectual curiosity. Since 2014, Lulwah competed  in IBDA’A 2014 and won second place. This in return gave her the opportunity to present her research in the world’s biggest scientific research competition, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in 2015, where she won 4th place in the field of Plant Science. Lulwah is also known for her volunteering activities, as she is a part of the medical rescue team in Makkah during Omrah and Hajj.

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Innovation Resilience Ambition Diligence Aspiration Hope, IRADAH, is a nonprofit organization created by Saudi students who are talented in research and technology innovations. The organization is created to help pre-college high school students to unlock their full potential in research assimilation. This organization consists of consultants who act like mentors to guide students in their specialized fields based on their educational background.

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