Rowaid Baamer

Rowaid is currently studying preparatory year at King Saud University for Health Sciences in Jeddah.  In the short term, he hope to join the Faculty of Medicine and graduate from it with excellence. Rowaid wants to specialize in neurosurgery and hopes to be a reason to treat patients and relieve pain and save their lives. He also hopes to be an effective person in achieving National vision 2030. Rowaid participated in many competitions and won many awards, including his participation in the Intel ISEF Science and Engineering Competition in America, maker faire Exhibition in Kuwait, the Arab Robot and Artificial Intelligence Conference in Dubai. Rowaid has a great interest in self development, volunteering, research, innovation, artificial intelligence and filmmaking. He also got a certification for “Training Robots” from Carnegie Mellon University.  In his free time, he likes to direct and produce films, which some won local awards. In the future, Rowaid hopes to contribute in the discovery of treatments that contribute to the elimination of diseases such as diabetes and various types of cancer.